An all-encompassing series including creative, transition, and essential tools, plus our titling and color correcting tools.

The Tools for Every Need

totalFX is the editor's ultimate toolkit.  This complete set contains over 280 plugins and thousands of presets, to unleash your creative vision and solve your everyday challenges. totalFX covers just about anything you run into in post.  

Organized into 5 categories of plugins, totalFX series includes creative effects, energetic transitions, essential tools, efficient color correcting and sophisticated titling. All plugins integrate seamlessly into your NLE workflow giving you all the necessary tools at your fingertips.


What You Get...

  • 280 Plugins & 2,000 Presets

    280+ Plugins & 2,000+ Presets

    Tools to solve your everyday challenges, set the environment, and move your audience from scene to scen.

  • Titler Pro 3

    Sophisticated Titling

    Rich, animated 2D & 3D text natively in your NLE.

  • ColorFast

    Color Correcting & Grading

    Primary and secondary color correcting in an integrated workflow



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