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Get the entire series of NewBlue Creative Effects for just $399.95, a bundle savings of over 50%!

Unleash Your Creativity

The creative series includes all five of our creative collections to help you unleash your creativity. Use the hundreds of design presets and more than 40 plugins found in the collections below to transform regular footage into visually stimulating works of video art. Recreate the authentic look of film, manipulate rays of light, apply a virtual artist's brush, and more. Get a bundle savings of 55% when you purchase the creative series for just $399.95 (MSRP $809.75).

  • NewBlue Art Effects Box Shot

    New Blue Art Effects delivers visual sophistication to your video production. This stunning collection of 100 presets in 10 specialized video filters allows you to captivate your audience with a smooth airbrushed look, a dream-like glow effect, two color duochrome emphasis, hand-drawn video sketches, metallic scenes and much more.

    Reg. 169.95
  • NewBlue Film Effects Box Shot

    NewBlue Film Effects transports your digital video back to an authentic, old school film look with blemishes, jitters, spots, scratches and graininess. This collection of 81 presets in 5 filters uses powerful technology to recreate the visual effects of hand-cranked cameras, dirty projectors and the unique color and lighting characteristics of film.

    Reg. 129.95
  • NewBlue Light Effects BoxShot

    NewBlue Light Effects gives you maximum control over post-production lighting effects for your video. Create soft glows, harsh strobes, shimmers, flickers, sparkles and blinks that are difficult to capture in camera. Easily create incredible lighting effects with this innovative suite of over 100 presets in 10 powerful plugins.

    Reg. 169.95
  • NewBlue Motion Effects BoxShot

    NewBlue Motion Effects transforms images to simulate an earthquake, create camera shake, blur the picture and ripple the frame to create movement and add dimension to your video story. This popular collection of 100 presets in 10 specialized video filters provides a variety of proven motion techniques in a simple yet deceptively powerful package.

    Reg. 169.95
  • NewBlue Paint Effects BoxShot

    NewBlue Paint Effects transforms your video into a painting, drawing or cartoon with the click of a mouse. Quickly transform your footage with dreamy halo-effects, colored pencil sketches and mosaic tiles using this top-selling set of 134 presets in 12 artistic video effects.

    Reg. 169.95

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