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An all-encompassing series including creative, transition, and essential tools, plus our titling and color correcting tools.

The Tools for Every Need

totalFX is the editor's ultimate toolkit.  This complete set contains over 180 plugins and thousands of presets, to unleash your creative vision and solve your everyday challenges. totalFX covers just about anything you run into in post.  

The totalFX series includes creative effects, energetic transitions, essential tools, efficient color correcting and sophisticated titling. All plugins integrate seamlessly into your NLE workflow giving you all the necessary tools at your fingertips.

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    70 Plugins & 700 Presets

    Accelerate your workflow while focusing on your story with the eFX series. This diverse & balanced series includes 70 plugins and more than 700 presets developed to tackle the most common tasks, adjustments, and workflow challenges.

    Organized into 7 categories of essential plugins, the eFX series features dedicated solutions and time-saving shortcuts, freeing you from the creative constraints of needlessly complex tools. Cut your story without cutting into the most valuable asset you have - your time.

    Reg. 399.95
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    Dynamically Propel your Story

    The transition series includes all six of our transition collections to dynamically pass your viewers from scene to scene. Get 68 specialized video editing plugins and over 800 presets found in the collections below to transform your scenes with light rays, explosions, waves, paint and more. Get a bundle savings of 55% when you purchase the transitions series for just $399.99 (MSRP $899.70).  All of tFX is now OpenCL and CUDA compatible.


    Reg. 399.95
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    Unleash Your Creativity

    The creative series includes all five of our creative collections to help you unleash your creativity. Use the hundreds of design presets and more than 40 plugins found in the collections below to transform regular footage into visually stimulating works of video art. Recreate the authentic look of film, manipulate rays of light, apply a virtual artist's brush, and more. Get a bundle savings of 55% when you purchase the creative series for just $399.95 (MSRP $809.75).

    Reg. 399.95
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    Bring your story to life with a reinvented approach to coloring. ColorFast’s Spectra Color Isolating Technology allows for easy manipulation of highs, mids, and shadows for a new level of color control. The Skin Preservation and Shape masks let you to set the mood of your story while maintaining the natural skin tones and colors in a specified region. All of this comes in a streamlined workflow that combines secondary and primary color correcting, helping you save valuable time. Color your story today with ColorFast.

    Reg. 149.95
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    Beauty meets efficiency

    Accelerate your workflow while creating dynamic animations and cutting-edge 3D designs with Titler Pro 3, the titling solution that works the way you work.

    Reg. 299.99

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