Streamlined color correction and color grading in one simple workflow.

Color Reinvented


Bring your story to life with a reinvented approach to coloring. ColorFast’s Spectra Color Isolating Technology allows for easy manipulation of highs, mids, and shadows for a new level of color control. The Skin Preservation and Shape masks let you to set the mood of your story while maintaining the natural skin tones and colors in a specified region. All of this comes in a streamlined workflow that combines secondary and primary color correcting, helping you save valuable time. Color your story today with ColorFast.



Product Highlights

Spectra ColorSpectra Color Isolating Technology

Control Highs, Mids, Shadows

Re-invented Color WheelsPrimary & Secondary Color Correction

Seamless Workflow

Skin and Shape Preservation MaskSkin and Shape Preservation Mask

Precise Adjustments

Get precise control over highs, mids, and shadows, avoiding the tedious process of dancing between curve adjustments.

Keep your color correcting and grading in one place with integrated primary and secondary color controls.

Maintain the mood of your story without sacrificing natural skin tones and achieve creative freedom through the 4 point shape mask.

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