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Video editing effects, transitions, and titling tools for your video productions.


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The simplest way to create 3D, animated on-air graphics for your live productions.

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"Essentials 3 Ultimate is my studio's plugin Swiss Army knife. All of the plugins in the suite are extremely intuitive, quick and allow us to achieve stunning results in a matter of seconds."

Ray Roman

Award-Winning Cinematographer

“When I get a producer that comes to me and says, ‘I have nothing, what do you have for me’ it is awesome to be able to produce a lower third animated graphic within 30 seconds. " 

Glenn Sakatch

Emmy-Award Winning Editor

"[Titler Live Broadcast] is a superb program that combines ease-of-use while packed with plenty of useful features. Simply put, it allows you to easily create 2D and 3D titles and graphics."

Matt Drabick

CEO of Digitek Systems, Inc.


The Resources You Need

Create the Perfect Look with Dual Booster and Proportion Helper

In this tutorial, Rafael Meneses shows you how to leverage Proportion Helper and Dual Booster in your next film. Get helpful guides to make your composition perfect while instantly enhancing your color today with these effects from NewBlueFX.

Time-Saving Tools-Essentials-Video Tuneup Plus-Brighten-After
Save Time with the New Essentials 5

Essentials 5 is here to help you save time with some of video editing’s most time-consuming tasks like poor lighting, shaky camera footage, wrong compositions, blemished faces, camera warp and more.

Video Editing Software
The Most Common Video Editing Terms You Should Know

Here are the Common Video Editing Terms You Need to Know Listed are the Top 30 video editing terms you should know whether you are a professional or you are just beginning. Intertwined in this list, there are some broad video editing terms that refer to videography as a whole as well as video editing…