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Leverage Titler Live 3 Broadcast with Your Blackmagic ATEM.

Titler Live 3 Broadcast


Broadcast Box Shot Meet our most powerful on-air graphics solution. Connect to your data, leverage flexible controls, and deliver unlimited simultaneous 4k graphics on up to 16 channels.


Access the most powerful and intuitive graphics solution.

Deliver unlimited simultaneous graphics with your Blackmagic ATEM.
Access versatile playout actions and live updates.
Streamline your workflows for any production or budget.

Automate your graphics with data connectivity.

Social: Facebook Live, Twitter, and YouTube Live.
Sports: Sportzcast, NewTek DataLink, and StatCrew scorebugs.
Spreadsheets: CSV files, RSS feeds, and text files.

Create 3D animated graphics for live and post production.

Access a full library of customizable pre-built designs.
Import existing Photoshop, ESP, and After Effects designs.
Work in the Title Designer to create custom designs.