30 Ways to Save Time in Titler Pro 4

July 08, 2015 by Shannon Olona | Blog, Titler Pro 4

Beat the deadline and don’t waste a second creating your next title. Enter the express lane of editing with these 30 new shortcuts for Titler Pro 4.

Duplicate Paragraphs

Copy, paste, copy, paste, copy, paste. Tired of the monotony? Here’s a shortcut for one of the best shortcuts. Start by holding CTRL or COMMAND. Click and drag the text on the screen to quickly copy and paste in one fluid motion.

Move Paragraphs in X and Y

Ever overshoot paragraph movement with your mouse? With this shortcut, you won’t have that problem. Get precise movements by holding ALT while moving the arrow keys in any direction.

Disable Snapping Grids and Guidelines

Magic happens when a design falls into place with a snap. But, if you want to move another paragraph separate from the snapping features, you can without de-selecting the grids or guidelines. All you need to do is hold CTRL or COMMAND while moving the paragraph around.

Multi-Select Paragraphs

Manipulate multiple components of your title design with the multi-select paragraph shortcut. Hold CTRL or COMMAND and select more than one paragraph in your title or on your timeline. This shortcut is great for cleaning up your timeline when combined with the new grouping feature. To group, simply select multiple paragraphs, right click, and select group. TIP – Groups can take transitions, effects  and keyframing just like paragraphs can.

Video Trimmer

Want your text to be on fire (but only the fire you want)? Now you can with Titler Pro 4’s video trim feature. Simply, choose your fiery video as a style layer texture and right click on the video texture swatch to choose Trim Video.

Now you can cut down a 1-minute clip to 15 seconds with these shortcuts. Select the input by clicking a point you’d like your clip to start from and key in “I.” The same applies for selecting the output; click the part you’d like the clip to end at and key in “O.”

Want more? Download the full list of shortcuts that are sure to speed up your editing.

And if you don't have Titler Pro 4 yet, discover what's possible by clicking on the graphic below...


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