The Amplify 6 Effects Suite – Amplify Your Workflow

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ColorFast 2 from Amplify 6

Amplify 6 is our “Best of the Best” collection of titling, compositing, filtering, transition effects, and quick-fix tools. Editors looking to elevate their productions to the highest possible level while simultaneously simplifying their workflows have traditionally had to buy these tools one by one, but with Amplify 6, they get everything they need in one comprehensive bundle.

Amplify 6 is a comprehensive suite of video effects that includes 55 individual plugins compatible with all popular NLEs and the plugins come with more than 200 presets cherry-picked to give editors the tools and results they want without a load of useless extras. The amazing Amplify 6 suite includes:

  •  Titler Pro 6 – The industry’s best-selling video titling solution for quickly and easily creating 2D and 3D titles right on the timeline. It includes more than 200 templates and animations so you can get the right look fast or, if you need more control, you can design your own look and feel with the most advanced title designer available.

  • Stabilizer – Every editor knows the shooter can’t be on sticks all the time. To smooth out hand-held, over the shoulder, or videos shot on action-cameras, the NewBlueFX Stabilizer is as good as it gets with exceptional stabilization and minimal loss of resolution.

  • ColorFast 2 – With this amazing tool, you don’t need a skilled colorist to be able to achieve sophisticated color correction. Grade primary and secondary colors, dial-in white balance, check color close up, and more, all in a few clicks with skillfully engineered and selected presets.

  • Chroma Key Pro – Chroma key made easy! Quickly key out your green or blue screenshots with presets and powerful manual fine-tuning controls. Chroma Key Pro can also add shadows and outlines and includes all the power of our Recolor tools so you can achieve precisely the look you want.

  • Additional Filter Effects – Amplify 6 includes Film Color 2, Outline, Light Leak, Shear Energy, and Picture Grid effects.
  • Transitions – Amplify 6 comes with 17 of our most popular scene transitions including 3D Bouncing Frames, 3D Blow Apart, RGB shift, Duochrome, Zoom, Traveling Rays, Sketch, Water Color, Roll, Liquify, Color Wash, Glow Pro, and more.


Purchased separately, this amazing collection of effects would cost over $1,200 so the every-day price of $799 makes Amplify 6 a fantastic value.