Announcing NewBlueFX Ultimate Upgrades

November 06, 2014 by Adam Dolan | Blog

As you may’ve seen in our inaugural blog post “You Won’t Plugin Believe This,” we’ve launched an entirely new website, app manager and product line. 

To help you experience all we have to offer, we’ve provided you with credits based on the legacy products you own (ex. Video Essentials VI). You can use these credits to purchase the “Ultimate” line for a discounted price.

However you may be wondering why upgrade? Or what happens to my current plugins? And how do I upgrade?

Well don’t worry I’ve got you covered so let’s get to it!

Why upgrade?

Over 30 New Features
Our new product line features many of your favorite plugins however we’ve added over 30 new features. These features include new attack and release controls to adjust the behavior of relevant transitions, the ability to add drop shadows to 3D transitions for depth and complexity and an overall smoothing of effects for cleaner results.




New App Manager
The new App Manager let’s you easily manage your products, stay up to date, and discover the latest offers, tutorials and more. It makes managing your library of products a breeze. 

But what about my current plugins?
Don’t worry; all of your legacy products will remain on your computer for your use, if you so choose.  However, some of your legacy products may not be part of our current product line, so you don't need to delete anything to install the new Ultimate line.  When you install, the entire list of plugins in your purchase will appear inside a new folder in your NLE effects panel.

Here's an example. 

Let's say we just upgraded to and installed NewBlue Elements 3 Ultimate.  If we search for the NewBlue plugin “Split Screen,” we will see it appear in 2 instances: 


You can see the legacy Split Screen plugin is in the “NewBlue Video Essentials III” folder, while the new version is in the “NewBlue Elements” folder.   There's no harm in having 2 versions of the same effect (as long as you use the updated version), but feel free to uninstall your old plugins if you don't like seeing duplicates.  Just know that some of our discontinued effects like Color EQ, Rolling Shutter, and Magnifying Glass will also be uninstalled if you choose to remove your current products. 

Okay so how do I upgrade?

Go to and login to your account, you will see the “My Products” section, where you'll find a breakdown of all the legacy products you own. Based on the number and type of legacy products you own, we’ve assigned you a credit value, which you’ll see in the “My Ultimate Credits” table.  

The “My Ultimate Upgrade Credits” table (found at the top of your account page) lists the eligible upgrades that are available to you.  In this table, we provide you with the value of your credits per product category, as well as the price of upgrading to Ultimate with your credit discount applied.  To upgrade, simply choose your operating system associated with the product. It’s that easy.

For a more detailed breakdown and step-by-step instructions on how to access your Upgrade Credits, watch the short video below:

For updates, product information, and community involvement continue to visit our blog here at


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