The Artful Use of Magic with Stylizers 3 Elite

“What’s a Stylizer?” you might ask. In the world of NewBlueFX, a stylizer is something that adds flair, motion, light or color to your project. When overused, these can be seen as gimmicks, but used selectively and artfully, Stylizers add a touch of magic.

We’ve created an entire line, NewBlue Stylizers, to provide you with an arsenal of creative effects. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at our intermediate package, Stylizers 3 Elite.


Stylizers 3 Elite includes 108 presets in 9 artistic effects that add style and flair to your video with enhancing filters for light, motion, color, and energy. It comes loaded with presets and is compatible with all major NLEs.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite features:

Break Through With Shear Energy

The Shear Energy plugin creates an ethereal wind or streaks in all directions. It’s simple to mimic a powerful vortex by testing out a number of presets. In addition, you can keyframe horizontal/vertical shear, direction and angle to tear your image perfectly.

Check it out:


Outline With Neon Lights

Use Neon Lights to give your subject a radiant look from glowing edges, or create a vibrant, glowing outline. With a range of presets, you can hone on a particular appearance with edge, glow, shimmer and mix controls for your desired design every time you edit.


Warp It With Rolling Waves

Dial-up shading for passing shadows or long waves at a fast-moving speed with Rolling Waves. It’s easy to give your image a dynamic look by utilizing a number of presets to warp your pictures in a repeated pattern. With streamline control of amplitude, frequency, and speed, you can create a wide-range of waves as your images roll along.

Take a look:


Use Oil To “Paint” Your Video

In just a couple of seconds, you can transform a dull scene into an eye-catching masterpiece with Oil. It’s easy to take control of brush size, smoothness and color for a dynamic look. In an instance, you can minimize details for simple impression, or broaden strokes for a noticeable effect.


These are just some of the creative effects we’ve included in NewBlue Stylizers 3 Elite. Take a look at the rest here.

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