FRAME RATE: Dreaming Up That Dream Sequence

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Frame Rate: Dreaming Up That Dream Sequence

  • Hallucinatory Time-Altering Effects Are Yours At Light Speed


You're editing a dream sequence and need to come up with a visually arresting but quick solution that isn't too crazy, plus the main character is drunk and you have to create something to emulate that point of view.



Very cool...Frame Rate, with its straightforward approach, logical and fast-acting toolset makes creating interesting, time-bending and dramatic perceptual visuals easy. You're able to change frame rates, dial in quick dissolves between them, and create random intervals for particularly disorienting effects. Want drunk? Want hallucination? How about a little time travel action? It's in here. The effect is also great on stills and other videos to create a documentary feel.


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Jonathan Moser is a veteran 6 time Emmy Winning Editor/Producer in New York. He has edited for all major networks and also writes for various post production publications. He has worked as post supervisor and senior and supervising editor in addition to being series producer for a docu-reality series for Animal Planet. Currently, he is editing the true crime series, Stranger Among Us in Los Angeles for Discovery ID.
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