Going Beyond the Run-of-the-Mill Video Transitions

Most NLEs come with a standard set of transitions, such as cross fade, fade to black and simple wipes. These are great for your run-of-the-mill edit, but sometimes you need a little emphasis, a push or something altogether unique.

Festival with roll transitions applied to it.

Enter the NewBlue Transitions line, a carefully curated collection of transitions plugins that give you a variety of fresh cuts, slides and wipes of light, motion and color. Artfully placed, these transitions can bring a new look in very little time.

The Transitions 3 Elite collection, our intermediate offering, includes 180 presets in 15 video transitions that bring artistic style, light and motion to your scenes. In it you’ll find 3D Louvers, Cartoonr Plus, Duochrome and a whole lot more. mAdobe Premiere users will especially appreciate its variety, since Premiere Pro comes with only the simplest transitions natively.

And like all NewBlueFX plugins, Transitions integrate directly all major NLEs including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro, Grass Valley Edius, and Sony Vegas Pro.

Here’s a peek at some of the cool things you can do with Transitions 3 Elite:


Drop And Roll Over The Projector

Give your video transitions the look of a film rolling over a projector with Roll. This plugin is excellent for moving your audience forward in the timeline so you can advance through your various shots with ease.

Take a look:


Move with Light Using Scanner

Create a laser beam and transition your scenes through a beam of light with the Scanner plugin. It’s painless to control direction, scan glow color, frame action, or atmosphere warp. Choose from Scanner’s specially created presets for the transition that matches your vision.

Check it out:


Transition with Colors and Lines

Create a busy chalk rendering or a pencil-on-paper look with the Colored Pencil transition. It’s simple to create a colorful hand-drawn look using an array of artistically designed presets. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, color shift and detail to apply lines matching your vision quickly.

See for yourself:


Highlight Your Colors with Duochrome

Duochrome gives your video a dynamic transition by emphasizing particular colors. The effect helps you create colorful retro and metallic images with two chrome-like colors. Find the perfect colors for your audience and give them a boost with the Duochrome transition like this:


These are just some of the great video transitions included with NewBlue Transitions 3 Elite. Feel free to explore the many other dynamic effects in Transitions 3 Elite here.

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