How to Make the Most of Your Free Titler Pro 2.5

Revamp Your Titling Process

Titler Pro 2.5 Included with a Media Composer Subscription

NewBlue Titler Pro 2.5 comes included with your Media Composer subscription at no extra cost. Building on the speed and efficiency of the previous version, Titler Pro 2.5 delivers powerful performance and feature enhancements including the breakthrough QuickEdit and Elastic Timeline features.

What Titler Pro 2.5 Has To Offer

Titler Pro 2.5 now included with a Media Composer Subscription

  • Performance Enhancements: Accelerate your workflow with an updated render engine.
  • QuickEdit: Manage multiple titles from one interface with QuickEdit. Now you can update multiple title instances with a single click.
  • Elastic Timeline: Design animated title templates that respond to your desired duration. Now you can use the same design without having to create a new one every time.
  • Blending Modes: Create unique composites with various blend modes – then apply them to any title object.
  • Normal Maps: Apply normal maps on letters and shapes to cause light source highlights and shadows on surface textures.

Get Started With These Online Video Resources

  • QuickEdit: Find the power of QuickEdit and how it makes it easy to manage multiple titles at once.
  • Normal Maps: Learn how to quickly apply textures that react to different light sources.
  • Elastic Timeline: See how easy it is to extend your titles without losing animation integrity.
  • EPS Vector Import: Discover Titler Pro 2.5’s EPS Vector Import function to enhance simple logo designs.
  • Epic Titles: Learn how to make epic titles by manipulating your scene’s wide angle.

Further Learning

Follow Kevin McAuliffe as he shows you how to get started with Titler Pro in Media composer with this short tutorial series.

  • Episode 1: Learn the fundamentals of using NewBlue Titler Pro within Avid Media Composer.
  • Episode 2: See how to use Titler’s Flexible options for character sizing and position.
  • Episode 3: Discover how to Add style to text objects in 2D or 3D using the library of pre-set styles.
  • Episode 4: Automatically change template duration to the current edit with the Elastic Timeline feature.

Need Help?

Titler Pro 4 Help File Image.

Need more? Check out our in-depth Titler Pro Help File for a complete overview of Titler Pro. From creating simple paragraphs to full 3D workspace comprehension.

Titler Pro 2.5 Version Comparison Chart

Titler Pro 2.5 has a variety of notable improvements over Titler Pro 2.

Titler Pro feature comparison chart.

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