IMPRESSIONIST: Looking Like Nothing’s Looked Before

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Impressionist: Looking Like Nothing's Looked Before

  • Original, Pixel-Based Kinetic Graphic Styles Without Breaking The Budget


With a bottom-of-the-barrel budget, a commercial client asks you to quickly create stylized looks and artistic transitions for their production that no one has seen before.  With no animator or graphics artist on staff they're depending on you to whip something up fast, creative and cheap...big surprise.



Dropping Impressionist, from the Stylizers Collection onto your video will open a Pandora's box of energetic, powerful and original graphic possibilities derived from your video. From hyperkinetic confetti to subtle pointillistic abstractions you can easily and quickly dial up or down the many energy, color and stylistic options.

A number of built-in randomizers assure that your looks don't get repetitive or too predictable. You've seen animations created for commercials that looked rotoscoped...this gives you that look


without picking up a sweat or the checkbook.

Additionally, for unique graphical stylized transitions, Impressionist's actions can be enlisted to create one-of-a-kind transitions that can help brand your production with it's own distinctive style. Get 'em while they're hot!


Jonathan Moser is a veteran 6 time Emmy Winning Editor/Producer in New York. He has edited for all major networks and also writes for various post production publications. He has worked as post supervisor and senior and supervising editor in addition to being series producer for a docu-reality series for Animal Planet. Currently, he is editing the true crime series, Stranger Among Us in Los Angeles for Discovery ID.
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