It's Customer Appreciation Month at NewBlueFX

September 13, 2016 by Juan Mejia | Blog, News

You're The Best!


**This sale expired 9/30**

Its been a busy year here at NewBlue. The recent launch of ColorFast 2 and our evolving live titling products have been met with overwhelming support by the press and customers like you.

So we want to take the opportunity to say thanks. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to do what we love (create helpful tools to make your jobs easier and more enjoyable).

That’s why we dedicated September to you, the customer. During the month of September, receive an additional 30% towards your Ultimate Upgrades credits. To see how much you can save, log in to your account.

But Wait...What are Ultimate Upgrade Credits?

Ultimate Upgrade credits are a type of digital currency that you're awarded for owning new or legacy products like Video Essentials I, Light Effects or Motion Blends. The more products you own, the more credits you receive. These credits can then be used to purchase Ultimate bundles like Filters 3 Ultimate, Transitions 3 Ultimate or even TotalFX at a discounted price. 

And now during our Customer Appreciation Sale those credits are worth even more (30% more to be exact). This means you can take advantage of huge savings to get the full set of essentials or compositing tools you need.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below to see how to take advantage of your Ultimate Upgrade savings.

Again, from all of us at NewBlue, thank you!

Juan Mejia

San Diego, CA

As a multimedia journalist and video editor, Juan is always looking for new and innovative storytelling techniques. When he is not creating content for NewBlueFX, he can be found interviewing,...