It's Time to Celebrate

August 23, 2015 by Shannon Olona | Blog, Sale

Each download, each shared project, each happy tweet, call and e-mail we receive in appreciation for NewBlueFX’s effects and plugins, shows that we have the best customers out there (with some great video editing talent to boot.)

To show our thanks for your support, we’re celebrating you, the customer! And what better way to say thanks than with some more credits?

Now through September 30th, we’re increasing the value of your Ultimate Upgrade credits by 30%. To see how much you can save, login to your account.

What are Ultimate Upgrade Credits?

These are credits you've earned as a NewBlueFX customer. If you own any legacy product like Video Essentials, Light Effects or Motion Blends, you'll receive credits towards their Ultimate equivalent in our new product line. Note: Individual plugins do not apply.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Also you receive credits for owning any of our new products including Elements 3, Filters 3 Elite and Transitions 3.

Bottom line: The more products you own, the more credits you'll see in your account! 

So why upgrade you ask?

We’ve made improvements to our legacy products including 30+ new features and an easy-to-use app manager to keep all your NewBlue downloads in one place.

With these additional savings, you can upgrade your legacy, base or elite products to ultimate for as little as $49.


If you thought our legacy transitions were good, you’ll enjoy all of the improvements made in the latest version.

We added Attack and Release controls to 18 transitions to provide you with improved control when blending two clips together at various speeds.

A new drop shadow effect to all of our 3D transitions that includes key frame-able parameters like offset, angle, shadow blur and opacity.

In addition, we updated individual plugins with features including:

  • Improved contrast in the Liquefy, Metallic, Shiny Fog, and Color Wash transitions, delivering a smoother, cleaner overall result.
  • Smoother warping and better tint application in the Traveling Rays transition.
  • New outline additions such as the mirror, stretch and fill modes to the RGB Shift transition.



If you're not familiar with the Stylizers collection, it includes all of our creative effects (you may remember the legacy versions like Paint Effects, Light Effects, Motion Effects, etc.).  

In this collection, we’ve updated Airbrush, Sketch and RGB Shift effects.

  • We added new mix controls to the Airbrush effect that allows you to control the edge and spray of the air brush.
  • RGB shift, like the transition, now includes new outline additions such as the mirror, stretch and fill modes.
  • Sketch now comes with anti-aliasing, which prevents lines from becoming distorted.



The Elements collection features of all our compositing plugins that could be found in many of the Video Essentials collections. 

New features to this collection include new anti-aliasing to help prevent lines from becoming blurred or distorted. Now with Picture-in-Picture you can deliver sharper, more distinct lines for your windows.



Many of you will be familiar with the Essentials collection. This combination of plugins came from our popular Video Essentials series.  

We’ve added a host of new presets including “industry aspect ratio” and anti-aliasing to help prevent lines from becoming blurred or distorted.



The titling collection saw the most improvement with the introduction of Titler Pro 4. The 4th edition titling tool includes key features like title caching, PSD import, OpenFX support as well as powerful performance enhancements that makes it our fastest Titler yet.

We also added in more effects, animations and templates to get you a head start you need on your title designs.


App Manager

Our new app manager allows you to keep track of all your NewBlue products in one place. Discover new offers and update and manage your licenses all with a click of a button.

Now you’ve seen everything that’s new to our legacy products, cash in on your extra Ultimate Upgrade credits today.

Shannon Olona

San Diego, CA

Shannon values storytelling in everything she creates, whether she’s blogging, photographing, or editing film. When she’s not working on Community and Content at NewBlueFX, she can...