July Cutting Room Calendar

Become inspired and engage yourself in the film community this July. Attend world-class film festivals and learn from the best at filmmaking and editing workshops. Take advantage of July and explore the cutting room calendar.

Film Festivals

Comic Con International San Diego

Comic Con International Independent Film Festival
San Diego, CA
July 9-12
Price: $35-$50 SOLD OUT

Are you traveling to San Diego for this year’s Comic Con? Well get here early and stop by the convention center between July 9 through 12 for the 16th annual Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. Embrace the spirit of Comic Con with films from these seven categories: Action/Adventure, Animation, Comics-Oriented, Documentary (Pop Culture-Oriented), Horror/Suspense, Humor and Science Fiction/Fantasy. Grab a light saber and geek out for some great international films

Fantasia Film Festival
Montreal, Canada
July 14 – August 4
Price: $10-$11

Keep the spirit of Comic Con alive and travel to Montreal for the Fantasia Film Festival. The Festival is full of big names, prestige and has really made a name for the genre. Go for the experience and bond with other fans of the genre at Fantasia.

Indy Film Fest
Indianapolis, IN
July 16-25

All year, Indianapolis celebrates film with events like cereal cinema, film to fork and rock + reel all in anticipation for the Indy Film Fest in July. This festival features 100 films in 10 days that range from local Indianapolis films (Go Hoosiers!) to international films. After the films, attend a craft beer event or attend an award show with the featured filmmakers.


2-Day Intensive Lighting Workshop
Manhattan, NY
July 11-12
Price: $425 Includes Studio, Equipment, & Lunch

Rival Melisandre’s Lord of Light and learn the art of lighting from Solar Film. During this 2-Day Intensive Lighting Workshop you will learn lighting for dramas and interviews, lighting for dark skin and complexions, how to create mood with colored light and more. After two days with Solar Film you’ll be able to master lighting like a pro.

Alex Buono’s Visual Storytelling 2
32 States
July 22-September 20
Price: $99-$299

Learn the art of thinking and filming on your feet from Alex Buono, SNL’s Director of Photography, in his second all-day filmmaking workshop, Visual Storytelling 2. Buono takes to the road yet again to teach various filming styles, gear, set etiquette, lighting, visual subtext and film history. Watch out to see if he’s stopping through your city in July and, if not, you can pick up a DVD of the workshop and learn in the comfort of your own home or studio.

Shine On, Chicago!
Hinsdale, IL
July 11 and 18
Price: Member $99, Non-Member $125

Geared towards teens and young adults, Shine On, Chicago! takes beginner filmmakers and editors around Chicago for filmmaking fun. Learn how to storyboard, light a scene, use a green screen, film interviews and music videos and edit their work in Final Cut Pro X.

Art of Editing Master Class and Small Group Review Sessions with Nels Bangerter
Silver Spring, MD
July 19-20
Price $115-$200

Take a three-hour Editing Master Class with award-winning documentary editor, Nels Bangerter. Learn editing theory, the director and editor collaboration, 3 levels of structure, how to complete a project from start to finish and other tricks. Have a piece of work you want critiqued? Nels will return on Sunday for review sessions. And there’s nothing better as a creative than a lesson and feedback!

Ready to experience the world of cinema this month? Let us know what festivals and classes you’ll be attending this month.