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Lens Correction: Go Pro A-Go-Go

  • Pincushion/Barrel Distortion Correction or Creation


You have a ton of highly distorted shots that have pincushion and barrel distortion that have to be corrected quickly. And in another case, you have normal shots of a baby's face coming towards the camera and the director wants it to look like it's being seen through an apartment peephole.



In either case, speed through the process by dropping on Lens Correction, and dial in the amount of distortion correction you need or the amount of distortion you want to introduce. You have a wide variable and the ability to key another image behind it if you lose your picture edges by shrinking.

A number of presets can quickly get you a baseline, then, by using XY controls you can adjust where the center is and the degree of distortion, the magnification of the image, as well as selecting what should go in the background if your image winds up being distorted to the point it doesn't fill the raster: The original image, a resized image to fill the raster or a transparent level allowing you to choose another background image. NewBlue is not responsible for outright wackiness as these can get pretty extreme!!



Lens Correction 60 Second Studio


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