SATURATION EQ: Punching Up That One Color

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Saturation EQ: Punching Up That One Color

  • Like A Graphic Equalizer For Color Hues


You have a surreal scene-and for mood, you want to bring out the blue of the dress your star is wearing while diminishing the other colors in the scene...but a color corrector can't really give you the control (or the speed) you're looking for without time-eating tweaking.



Much like a graphic equalizer brings up audio frequencies, Saturation EQ lets you easily run through the color gamut selecting the color you want to push...or reduce. Eight sliders run through the primary colors, and one additional lets you select a color of your choice to pump up or down (and you can store that custom color) For example: the blue slider will intensify that dress and you can dial down the other colors with their sliders...great for historical or documentary work.


By keyframing you can get some pretty startling results as colors intensify and decrease in one of the simplest interfaces available.



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