Shhh! It’ll Be Our Little Secret

When it comes to hitting deadlines and improving workflow, video editors must be Jacks-of-all-trades and masters of all. From color grading to color keying, you have to do it all and do it fast.

Man with computer chips sticking out of his head.

But with only so much time in the day, how can you be expert in everything? Here’s a little secret: NewBlue Essentials 3

Essentials 3 Elite, our mid-tier offering, gives you a toolkit that saves time on common editing cleanups and challenges. To that end, it delivers 108 presets in 9 video effects that stabilize shaky footage, remove distracting flashes, and enhance details. In just moments, you can adjust the aspect ratio, correct gamma, and pixelate unwanted faces, too.

Let’s look at a few of our favorite plugins from Essentials 3 Elite below:

Remove Unwanted Flash With Flash Remover Pro

Remove all flashes from your scene or just the most distracting ones with Flash Remover Pro. Utilize an array of excellent presets to minimize your camera flashes and even adjust sensitivity and thresholds to fix your most problematic frames. Like this:

Smooth Out Shaky Footage With Stabilizer

Shaky footage can ruin the best shots. Choose from an array of Stabilizer’s presets to analyze your footage. For instance, you can smooth your footage by focusing on an image’s center to keep a flying object steady and emphasize edges to allow your subject to move. This feature works great even without a consistent point to track. Check it out:

Crop Film Aspect Ratios

It’s easy to mirror 16mm film and crop your source footage to standard ratios with Aspect Ratio. For added control, you can effortlessly alter letter and pillar box width, height, opacity and more. And with a collection of presets and cinematic standards like Panavision and Anamorphic, you can give your film a dynamic look. See?

Optimize Luminance With Gamma Corrector

Gamma Corrector allows you to fine-tune luminance values and visualize your adjustments with three built-in scopes while you change expansion or compression. Begin with one of many presets, and then expand or compress the visible range to reach your desired result. Take a look:

Of course, NewBlue’s Essentials 3 Elite includes many more helpful plugins like these. Check out the rest of its great features here.

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