A Sneak Peek at New & Powerful Titling Animations

September 14, 2015 by Juan Mejia | Product Announcement, News

As you may have noticed, motion graphics are becoming increasingly popular in the world of video editing, especially in commercial and promotional productions. But not all of us have time to learn After Effects so we created the Kinetic and Fluid titling animation packs to simplify the creation of complex motion graphics.

What's inside?

Each pack of 8 animations gives you full creative freedom over industry-favorite animations like slide outs, bends and swinging text along with many unique creations. Browse each effect's preset library to make quick titles or adjust the animation's individual control sliders to get the look you need.


The Kinetic Pack features 8 animations. Like its name implies, this pack delivers solid and utilitarian effects and transitions. Add a text crawl to your newscast using the new Ticker Tape animation or build clean, sharp titles with smooth animation using Slide Out. Even defy gravity with the Weightless transition to achieve a truly imaginative effect.


The Fluid Pack features 8 animations that were inspired by the movements of nature. Unlike Kinetic, this pack delivers fun, flowing and cartoon-like animations. Make exploding text with the new Shotgun animation, add a bit of playfulness with the Wobble animation or pump up your audience with the Splat effect.

The animation packs will be compatible with Titler Pro 3 & 4 as well as Titler Pro 2.0 soon after the initial release. Each titling animation pack will cost $59 and will be available to purchase on our website.

We can’t wait to bring you high-end motion graphics in a simplified and familiar interface. Keep an eye out for the release on Twitter and Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter in the footer below.

Juan Mejia

San Diego, CA

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