Sometimes You Just Need a Bag of Tricks

Whether on an old school Moviola or a cutting-edge NLE, video editors are artists; we take scraps and expertly combine them into something meaningful.

Sometimes we accomplish this using simple cuts and other times, we add a little visual trickery and magic. The NewBlue Stylizers line offers a host of plugins for this proverbial bag of tricks.

Stylizers 3, our entry-level Stylizers collection, includes 48 presets in 4 effects that add magic to through creative looks and techniques. You can choose from flickers, glows, mosaics and zoom-blurs to enhance and stylize your project. These effects integrate with all major NLEs (like all NewBlueFX) and come with a burst of creativity.


Let’s take a look at some of Stylizers 3’s top features:

Give Your Scene Radiance With Glow Pro

In just a couple of clicks, you can mimic a bright fog or a mysterious gas with Glow Pro. Take it a step further and create a strong atmosphere using the vast amount of presets. Then perfect your look by adjusting the light, glow, shimmer, and mix for a glowing result.

Take a look:


Energize Your Shot With Zoom

Easily lengthen the rays and crank the blend for a bold, streaking portal with Zoom Blur. It’s simple to instill each scene with energy by using an array of included presets. By putting the controls in your hands, you can quickly change the position, strength and blend controls for a personalized look every time.

Check it out:


Keep Flashing With Flicker

It’s simple to mirror a campfire or a flash-filled nightclub scene with Flicker. Through using an array of dynamic presets, you can animate subtle flashes of light and color. Bump up your creativity and modify contrast, tint and fill, or adjust the strength and rate of the flicker for your precise look.


Create a Stylish Texture With Mosaic

Mosaic enables you to give your video an innovative and modern look. Mosaic’s extensive list of presets make it easy to segment your video into organically cut tiles. For your vision, put yourself in the driver seat by controlling size, shape, and grout lines as the Mosaic comes together to give your scene eye-catching appeal.


NewBlue Stylizers 3 is a great place to start adding visual energy and intrigue. And for even more, take a look at the entire Stylizers line.

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