Stronger Video Compositing with the New Elements

December 16, 2015 by Juan Mejia | Product Announcement, News

Find the specific set of video compositing tools you need for your next project with the new Elements collections. We’ve broken out our Elements product line into 3 collections: Elements 3 Carbon, Elements 3 Chromium and Elements 3 Cobalt. Plus we've now made Chroma Key available as an individual product!

Each collection of video effects delivers 6-7 video elements with more than 60 presets that make complex and essential video editing tasks easy.

Take a look at what each volume has to offer...

Elements 3 Carbon

Elements 3 Carbon is designed to help you make complex video composition simple. Now it’s easier than ever to create a split screen, map an image to an object and outline. Explore this collection of 7 plugins and 70 presets.

Featured Plugins:

  • Tell two or more stories at once with Split Screen. Choose from a variety of presets and create a great looking narrative no matter how you slice it.
  • Image Mapper makes mapping video to any surface easy. Make custom billboards or simulate a television screen with your video.
  • Add multicolored glows around text, objects or people with Outline.

Additional Features: Creative overlay tools, picture in picture setup, custom timer overlays, viewfinder simulator.

Elements 3 Chromium

If you need a set of utilitarian components for better storytelling, look no further than Elements 3 Chromium. With Chromium you can generate living backgrounds, magnify areas of interest and create reflections in 3D space. Explore all 7 plugins and the more than 70 presets to make creative storytelling possible.

Featured Plugins:

  • Convert your footage into dynamic backgrounds with Background Generator and use them as a base for compositing projects.
  • Zoom and magnify an area of your video to highlight a subject with Cut Away.
  • Add depth and substance to your footage in 2D and 3D space with Reflections.

Additional Features: Matte cleanup tools, background matte generator, luminance keying control, alpha channel manipulation.

Elements 3 Cobalt

Used to correcting or manipulating footage in post? Elements 3 Cobalt delivers the tools needed to make your creative vision a reality, even if that vision came the shoot. Simulate handheld camera shake, overlay images in shapes and apply gradient fills to change the look of your video. Elements 3 Cobalt offers 6 plugins and more than 60 presets to help you fix it in post.

Featured Plugins:

  • Active Camera helps you add a more fluid, handheld feel to your tripod footage.
  • Add talking heads, expert commentary or complementary footage to your videos with Picture-in-shape.
  • Completely change the look of your video by adding contrasting color gradients with gradient Fill.

Additional Features: Video grid generator, image zoom and pan functionality, alpha object shadow casting.

Chroma Key Pro

We listened to your feedback and now here it is. Get all the color keying power of Chroma Key Pro as an individual plugin. 

Not familiar with Chroma Key Pro? Well, Chroma Key Pro delivers advanced color chroma keying with a variety of presets, tools and controls to dial in the look you need for your production.

Features include:

  • Zero in on your subject with the built-in shape mask.
  • Create depth or draw attention to your subject with an outline or drop shadow.
  • Choose a portion of your image that will be green screened or matted out completely.

Now that you’ve learned about each of these specialized collections and Chroma Key Pro, see why they are are a must-have in every editor's toolkit. Need the whole set? Get the complete Elements package, including Chroma Key Pro for only $299 (and save 25%)

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