The Essential Guide to Titler Pro’s Title Designer (Part 3)

This post is third of a four-part series, “Getting to Know Titler Pro 3”. In Part One, we take a look Titler Pro’s simplified Workflow. In Part Two, we examine our innovative Quick Edit™ window. In this segment, we check out the Title Designer. And in Part Four, we cover Advance Titling Properties.

Titler Pro 3 Tutorial The Keplers

Titler Pro’s Title Designer is all about designing custom titles and templates. At first glance, it may appear daunting, but looks can be deceiving. The Title Designer is remarkably intuitive and easy.

To get to the Title Designer, you click on its button via Quick Edit window. (We introduced Quick Edit in this post. For a quick refresher, take a look.)

Titler Pro 3 Quick Edit Interface

There are three work areas in Titler Designer:

In the Workspace view, you can edit your title design exactly as you see it, in full 3D.

With the Timeline view, you can manage your title component layers and animations over time.

And in the Properties view you can edit selected features in detail and add new features from Titler Pro’s Library.

Titler Pro 3 Title Designer Interface

Let’s take a look at each view separately.

The Workspace View

The Workspace view is the heart of title design. The Workspace displays the title exactly as it will appear and provides a rich set of tools for editing the title directly.

When you click in the Workspace, you can instantly start editing. Anyone who’s used a word processor or PowerPoint will get the hang of it quickly.

Titler Pro 3 Workspace area text editing.

The Timeline View

Next is the Timeline view. Located below the Workspace, the Timeline provides a way to visualize and edit the structure of a title over time.

A title is composed of Paragraphs. Typically, a title is composed of a handful or even more of paragraphs, representing all the individual graphic components. The Timeline displays the paragraphs as a series of stacked bars.

Here’s a visual way of understanding the Timeline:

Time Line Visual - Titler Designer

Properties View

Finally, we have the Properties View. Located at the top left, it offers a collection of tabs and controls that offer comprehensive editing of all the titling features, including the Library, Attributes, and Scene tabs.

In our next installment, I’ll show you how you can use these tabs to perfect your title designs. Until then, check out all the great features of Titler Pro here.

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