Top 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Titler Pro 3

The vision, when making Titler Pro 3, was to build something that exceeded your expectations. To do this, we listened to feedback from you, the editor. As a result, we created a product that was easy to use, dynamic, and fueled your creativity. If you’re thinking about upgrading to the Titler Pro 3, then here are the top 3 reasons why you should (besides saving $100 on the upgrade price):

Reason #1 “Quick Edit”

This simple interface makes it easy to modify text and select image assets. You can go through your title instances and edit them without having to recreate the title each time. It’s also great for last-minute changes because one creative change can ripple through all your titles in an instant when they share the same design template.

Take a look:

Reason #2 “More Features and Styles”

In addition to the Quick Edit feature, we added over 15 new features as well as 40+ new styles from Titler Pro 2.0 to Titler Pro 3. If you’re coming from Titler Pro 1.0, there even more features you’ve yet to discover. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Multiple Light Sources
  • Keyframed Lighting
  • Multiple Color Gradients
  • Overlapping Transitions
  • EPS File Import
  • Elastic Timeline

Reason #3 “The App Manager”

Along with Titler Pro 3, you will receive our new App Manager. We built this tool in response to your need for an easier way to keep track of what you purchased. The App Manager allows you to handle your products with proficiency, learn more about them through helpful resources and discover great offers.

The App Manager also provides fresh and informative content to keep you in the loop with the latest editing effects, preparing you to take on the ever-increasing complex tasks. Moreover, nobody likes looking through hundreds of web pages for information, so we made it easy for you with the App Manager.

Open NewBlue Application Manager Open Window

As you can see, it’s never been easier to create lower thirds, opening titles, and credit rolls for your TV show, documentary, corporate video or commercial.

Still on the fence? Get the full feature list and more information here. And don’t miss your chance to save $100 on your upgrade. Offers expires January 31, 2015.