Why Quick Edit™ Will Change Your Life (Part 2)

This post is second of a four-part series, “Getting to Know Titler Pro 3”. In Part One, we take a look Titler Pro’s simplified Workflow. In this installment, we examine our innovative Quick Edit™ window. In Part Three, we check out the Title Designer. And in Part Four, we cover Advance Titling Properties.

3 Form Movie Title in Titler Pro 3

In our previous post, “Why Titler Pro’s Workflow is Better. Way Better”, we talked about the difference between designing a title and using a title. To summarize, designing a title in Titler Pro means you establish its basic design parameters, such as color, graphics and font. Whereas using a title is where you edit the actual text itself.

Since you will use titles more than you will design them, we’ll focus first on getting to know Titler Pro’s handy Quick Edit window.

QuickEdit Multi Title Management

Quick Edit provides a simple but highly effective workspace for the majority of titling tasks. In Quick Edit, you can:

  • Create a new title by choosing a template and adding text and even images.
  • Change a title by editing the text or swapping out the template.
  • Change the duration of a title and it just works, animations and all.
  • Change other titles in the project by selecting and editing them.
  • Change the design. Open Title Designer and change all the titles in the project that use a particular template.

Despite its simplicity and convenience, there’s a lot of power in this unassuming little window – everything necessary for putting titles in your projects.

Rather than write about it, let’s have NewBlueFX’s own Travis White show you what we mean:

Quick Edit is just one of the many awesome features of Titler Pro. For a deeper look, check out more features here.

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