Why Upgrade to Titler Pro 4?

June 15, 2015 by Shannon Olona | Blog, Titler Pro 4

It’s a great question. It’s because Titler Pro 4 was designed by you. No really. We used your feedback to make our best titling tool yet. You asked for improved performance.  You asked for a better workflow. You asked for more features. And we delivered.

With over 25 new features, now more than ever, you’ll will be able create more sophisticated titles, faster and easier than ever before. Let me show you what I mean…


Titler Pro 4 is the fastest NewBlueFX Titler yet, with new caching capability, more preview and render quality options, and Intel HD Support.

We’ve done the math and Titler Pro 4 is 5X times faster than Titler Pro 3. With these updates you’ll be able to spend more time creating and get the results you need quickly.


Stay organized with Titler Pro 4’s new workflow features. The updated design layout allows you to use guidelines, rulers, safe margins, marking grids, and snap grids for the most accurate titling design.

Fans of the QuickEdit Library will appreciate adding templates directly within the QuickEdit interface. Plus, we’ve even added some great shortcuts to make your lives easier.


We’ve added 13 new functions to Titler Pro 4 including PSD import, Open FX support, interface skin options, new text fit modes, expanded library saving capability, video texture trimmer, new additive blend mode, and more color and gradient variables.

When it comes down to it these new updates will simplify your time in Titler Pro 4 and streamline your way to creating the best 3D and 2D titles for your next project.

Upgrade to the new Titler Pro 4 and Get the speed, organization, and function you want out of your titling software.

Shannon Olona

San Diego, CA

Shannon values storytelling in everything she creates, whether she’s blogging, photographing, or editing film. When she’s not working on Community and Content at NewBlueFX, she can...