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October 20, 2015 by Juan Mejia | Product Announcement, News

Announcing ColorFast and Stabilizer Now Available As Individual Plugins

Back By Popular Demand

We heard your feedback and now we're happy to announce that ColorFast and Stabilizer are back! Now you can purchase them as individual plugins to get the tools you need to enhance your flat shots or smooth your shaky footage.

If you're new to these two products, let me show you what these two powerful plugins can do for your next project.


If you're not already familiar with ColorFast, it is one of our top selling products and a favorite among those looking for a streamlined workflow.  

As an all-in-one color correction tool, it offers the ability to quickly perform primary and secondary color correction in a single, simplified workflow. Adjust highlights, tinker with mids and crunch your shadows to make quick cinematic looks. Think of it as your one-stop shop for color correction.

Plus ColorFast includes a few special features to help you fix and enhance the colors in your production even faster:

  • Skin Preservation Mask -This nifty little feature helps you preserve the quality of skin tones while pushing other areas of your image with just a few clicks. Flip the script and use it to keep the colors inside your mask and desaturate the scene to create a cool Sin City inspired look.
  • Luminance Shape Mask - If you’re looking for a bit more flexibility, ColorFast’s luminance shape mask makes it easy to create vignettes or to precisely correct colors in your image. Draw attention to your subject with subtle shifts in color or go extreme and add a burst of color to an isolated area.

  • More than 20 Presets - Just want to add that quick movie feeling? Select from one of the 23 fully editable presets based on classic film colors as a starting point and find the right look in no time.

Let me show how easy it is to correct color in your image with this 60-second studio:

To learn more about ColorFast visit:


Stabilizer has been a staple in many editors' toolkits for years now because of its simple, yet effective approach to image stabilization.

Jeppe Svendsen Stabilizer Quote

Stabilizer helps smooth out shaky footage by providing fluid motion akin to using a steady-cam. It is especially useful for stabilizing hand-held footage. No more wobbly go-pro shots or jittery iPhone videos.

What sets it apart from the rest? It’s called “SMARTracking.” Unlike other stabilization tools that use a point-tracking system, NewBlue Stabilizer careful analyzes the whole image for better, more natural results.

Plus Stabilizer includes an intuitive control set with border fill and preset options to get the results you intended, every time.

Let me show you how it works:

To learn more about Stabilizer visit:

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us. We’re always listening so feel free to drop us a line in the comments below or on our social channels.

As always, happy editing from all of us at NewBlueFX.



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