You Won't Plugin Believe This

October 28, 2014 by Melissa Jordan Grey | Blog

If you’ve landed on lately, you’ll no doubt notice something’s changed. OK, more than something. Everything!

For the past several months, we’ve been working around the clock to reorganize, reimagine and relaunch NewBlueFX. From start to finish, we set out to answer the question, “how can we provide video editors with the best experience, tools and support?”

Our answer? Listen.  Not to consultants or specialists or the so-called experts, but to those who know best: You, the video editor.  The reimagined NewBlueFX brings you a variety of benefits and additions, all driven by your incredibly valuable feedback.

You wanted fewer, but better choices.

Gone are the dozens of products and plugins to wade though. Instead, we’ve organized the NewBlueFX product line into 6 product families named for exactly what they do:


Need a great way to sweep from clip to clip? Check out Transitions. Want a time-saving set of tools for everyday tasks and repairs? Get Essentials. You get the point. No fancy names, just plain language and great solutions.

You wanted products for every entry point.

Most of you are professional video editors. You work with NewBlueFX every day. You asked for an easy way to purchase our best offerings in a single package. To that end, we’re pleased to bring you the Ultimate 3 series of products, such as Elements 3 Ultimate or Stylizers 3 Ultimate.

For those of you who want a broad sampling without investing in the Ultimate line, we offer the Elite 3 series. Whether it’s Filters 3 Elite or Transitions 3 Elite, you’ll find a well-curated assortment of plugins designed to help you build your collection.

Finally, for our entry-level video editors, we give you the Basic series: 4 plugins in every product family at an accessible price point.

You wanted a simple way to organize your NewBlueFX video plugins.

With up to 35  pugins in a single package, you told us that it was easy to lose track of what you’d purchased. In response, we present the NewBlueFX App Manager. This handy little app opens up on your desktop and offers a quick way to manage your purchases and plugins, not to mention, it delivers excellent offers and helpful resources.

You wanted feature improvements.

Throughout the years, you’ve asked for all sorts of new features and options. This release brings more updates, based on your excellent suggestion.  Some of these include:

  • New Attack/Release feature found on 18 plugins throughout the product line.
  • New drop shadow effect on all included 3D transitions.
  • New mirror and stretch fill modes on RGB Shift effect and transition.
  • Smoother warping and better tint application in Traveling Rays transition.
  • New mix control on AirBrush effect.
  • Cleaner output, smoothing and alias suppression with Metallic transition.
  • New smoothing and broader warping in Liquify transition.
  • Anti-aliased outlines in Picture-in-Picture effect.
  • Better contrasting result in Shiny Fog transition.
  • Anti-aliasing and better line control in Sketch.
  • Cleaner results in Color Wash transition.
  • Industry aspect ratio black bar presets for 16:9 projects in Aspect Ratio effect.

You wanted a better website.

Most obvious among the changes you’ll see is our website. We’ve transformed every line of code, copy and content to bring you a fresh, intuitive experience whether you’re perusing our blog, chatting in our forums or exploring our brand-new product line.

You wanted better support resources.

Everyone learns differently. Some people like to read help docs. Others prefer to watch a video. Still others want to interact. Regardless of your preference, soon we'll offer a host of ways to find the answers your questions: Blog articles, FAQs, online help, tutorial videos and a fell-fledged user forum. We'll be rolling out these features in the coming weeks, so check back often!

You asked. We answered.

As you can imagine, it took an incredibly dedicated team of software engineers, product managers, marketers, designers, writers, video editors and more to pull this off. It wasn’t easy and it took many sleepless, coffee-filled hours. But ask any one of these people and they’ll tell you it was well worth the effort to deliver the best possible experience to you.

Melissa Jordan Grey

La Jolla, CA

As a filmmaker, music and serial entrepreneur, Melissa loves living at the intersection of arts and technology. She gets a giddy thrill out of watching amazingly talented video editors ...