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CASE-01: It's Not Just a Running Game, It's a Mission

CASE-01: It's Not Just a Running Game, It's a Mission


My latest feature for a client: a trailer for their upcoming Detective game (like CSI) event.

  • Shot with Sony A7s
  • Main edit using Sony Vegas Pro 13
  • Effects using NewBlueFX TotalFX 3
  • Titling using NewBlueFX TitlerPro 4
  • Audio voice manipulation using iZotope Nectar Elements

*For International Viewers, here's the English translations for some texts:

00:00 - Story inside this video is FICTIONAL and IMAGINATED.

01:18 - The mysterious guy talk to the phone : "Boss, everything has been well prepared, wait for the BOOM... hehehe..."

01:45 - The CASE-01 Mission is:"A group of terrorist is threatening the city. They put 10 time bombs in the hotel occupied by the Ministers. The Agency must find all the bombs and make a rescue."

02:58 - Detailed explanation about this CSI-like game and why it is created and organized.