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Moving forward from basics

Moving forward from basics

Hi all, 

I'm looking for some advices and guidance here. I new to video editing, I've used Pinnacle Studio for some time for small home video projects.But now I'm thinking to move forward and start investing to this "hobby". So I went and purchased Sony Vegas Pro and going to purchase new PC and Newbluefx Total.

My current PC setup is rather old:CPU: AMD FX-6100 GPU: AMD Radeon HD7870 RAM: 12GB Intel 910 400GB SSD PCI-x card for video editing. 

Planned new PC: CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4,0GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX970 (yes I know about the memory issue) RAM: 32GB Intel 910 400GB SSD PCI-x card for video editing. 

Now, what I've read neither of above setups are supported by Sony Vegas Pro 13 what I've read and tested. For example with my current PC setup no matter what effects/plugins I use my GPU is in idle state, even I've enabled GPU acceleration. Vegas Pro says OpenCL is available. My future setup with Nvidia card seem even worse, what I've read from other forums.

I've been thinking of switching to Adobe Premiere CC and I've even downloaded trial version of it. Tried some basic encoding and with my current setup, I've the same issue, GPU is not doing anything while encoding the video. What I've read, most of the encoding is done by CPU anyway, but I would expect to see some action on my GPU when using effects/plugins which support GPU.

I would really appreciate any comments, instructions or ideas how to get forward.  - Any tips to get most out of GPU acceleration while encoding videos?  - Any tips for my new PC setup - Any tips if I should stay with Sony Vegas Pro or switch to Adobe Premiere (not big fan of subscriptions) - Any other tips are welcome too