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NB TotalFX in Dual 18 core Xeon PC

NB TotalFX in Dual 18 core Xeon PC

Grass Valley Edius 8 Workgroup, Windows 7 Ultimate, NVidia GTX980Ti, Asus Z10PE D16 WS MB, 2 times E5-2699v3 18 core CPU 64GB RAM (72 logical cores with HT enabled).

Any NB effect applied in Premiere Pro CS6 with GPU acceleration on works just fine.

Any NB effect applied in Edius 8WG (or Edius 7x) works for a few frames and crashes the GPU connection and the end result goes into flashing paint effects.

If I nobble the CPU physical cores in the MB bios to 8 plus 8 cores (32 logical cores) with GPU acceleration on the effect works correctly.

Is there a problem with multiple cores and NB in Edius?