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NewBlue Titler Pro solid color clip to transperent help pls

NewBlue Titler Pro solid color clip to transperent help pls

Hello all

We have almost completed a project now require to insert a Logo and banner into MC 8.5 with NewBlue 4 Titler

Issue is we need to reduce a solid white background clip to a transparency to overlay an company Logo and text to finish with

a transparent white background "banner" with an overlaying Logo and text, unfortunately there is a time frame issue I don't have

time for a lot of research /trial and error so if someone could be kind and point me to how to do this in NewBLUE much appreciated..

With courtesy I posted what I consider to be a reasonable request ie:-I have purchased NewBlue titler Pro for better or worst and need to create a title comprising a semi transparent white background the matter is urgent I have received only one view and zero replies with due respect maybe I made the wrong decision I am told Boris RED will do a solid to translucent fade on a back ground layer in MC 8.4 ..


Will NewBlue Titler Pro create an translucent banner from a solid white bottom third with ultimately an logo and text overlay..


Thank You