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Student video editor and just started editing for companies

Student video editor and just started editing for companies

I'm currently working on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and I have been video editing seriously for several years. I've done projects mostly for friends majoring in film and portfolio stuff. I normally work with a team of close friends and we are trying to receive more paid projects. Our budget is very limited and most of our work has been done for free up to now. We recently just received our first big time project for a company to shoot and edit several of their upcoming events on the contingency that the first one goes well. 

The issue: I've tried out a number of NewBlue's special effects through trials and I like dealing with a number of them. However, I'm not sure which one I should go ahead with. If we continue working with companies, I don't think they're looking for anything too serious, but I'm not sure where the border lies. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Essentials collection since it really focuses on cleaning up your video and I think I would use it more than the others. Does anyone have any idea of what mid-range (200-1000 employee) company's prefer - in terms of effects - when they receive their video for special events (speaking, holidays, fundraisers)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.