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Titler Live Broadcast – Key & Fill Problem (Solved)

Titler Live Broadcast – Key & Fill Problem (Solved)

Now that our video switcher has arrived, we are unable to send Key and Fill SDI signals from Titler Live Broadcast software via two HD-SDI cables from the Decklink Duo2 to the video switcher inputs. In the example below, we have an alpha background with two circles, one orange and one black. With no alpha channel information, the black circle becomes transparent.


Newtek NDI or HDMI outputs are not an option in our situation.

Further, we are unable to source any information regarding the menu option “Devices” and it’s configuration on the NewBlueFX website. On first look, one would expect that the “Devices” menu would logically route the Key and Fill HD-SDI signals independently via the two Decklink Duo outputs. Or alternatively, is the software addressing the Decklink hardware as 3G-Level A or as a 3G-Dual Stream. There is no specification on the NewBlueFX site that describes the requirements for HD-SDI.

24hr Update: The NewBlueFX Support & Development are currently working to solve the problem. Hopefully a solution will be found in the coming days.

Thank-you for your consideration in advance.


Workstation: Z170, 6700K, 16GB, GTX970, Windows 10 Professional, Decklink Duo2 & SDI, Edius 8.1