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Per-Character Kerning

Per-Character Kerning

Please tell me there is a keyboard shortcut to adjust per-character kerning.

The process I see described in the manual is horrendously awful to use.

You have to first highlight the text character you want to move, then wait for the bounding box to appear.

You then precariously hover your mouse cursor slightly below the bounding box until the cursor turns into a (+). But that rarely works when hovering over a small bounding box when single characters are highlighted. Then, when you do start moving the character's position via mouse, it's a freeform position movement -- and there's absolutely no constraint in movement or precision. It seems like there is no way to precisely adjust kerning. Am I missing something?

I came from Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, and you can quickly and easily adjust spacing between characters by placing the cursor in-between characters and then use a keyboard shortcut to either expand or reducing the spacing.

If this titling software is meant to work with Live Broadcast titles, it really needs to have more quick and less cumbersome way to adjust character kerning.

It doesn't help that Titler Pro seems to have a penchant for rendering text strings with inconsistent character kerning by default (some of it is apparent even in the factory-installed templates).