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INSTANTLY Pop-Up your Designer Interface in Titler Pro for Avid Media Composer

INSTANTLY Pop-Up your Designer Interface in Titler Pro for Avid Media Composer

Hello NewBlueFX Team in San Diego.  I hope my message finds you all well!

I am debating an upgrade from TP3 to TP4, as well as consulting for a VFX firm that has 40 Avid seats.  It is great to see the vast improvements made from TP2 to TP3, especially that a lot of titles will show on the timeline green-dot to test real-time preview with playback before locking things down and rendering everything!  Great time saver!

One of the things that really distracts from TPro is opening your Designer.  We splice an in/out point on an empty track, drop the TP plug-in into that edit, then open the EFFECTS EDITOR.  That opens a window that offers to Launch the TP Interface, which then opens another window asking to open Designer.

Remember the thousands of clicks and mouse moves that an Editor must do in just one day.  A great application or plug-in MINIMIZES this with shortcuts, macros and not too many layers deep into a pull-down menu (or ANY menu).

The EFFECTS EDITOR or Title Designer also takes forever to open.  This discourages my 40 editors from even using TP, which I'm trying to steer them to.  Think about typing a simple title, then closing your interface, going back to the timeline, realizing you want to move it, then re-doing the entire process, and set your stop-watch.  At least Marquee, Titler and most Avid Boris and Sapphire plug-ins' interfaces open in 3-5 seconds.  We're timing TP standard (that comes with Avid as I demo this and try to convince my bosses to upgrade) at 30-45 seconds of spinning Mac pin-wheels before we can even get to your Title Designer interface.  Now multiply that by making 40 titles and re-adjusting them in a day.

Try to find a way to cache or instantly POP OPEN via a shortcut key stroke your Title Designer interface while my playhead is hovered over a TP plug-in on the timeline, and I really think you are going to be unbeatable.

THANK YOU for the consideration.