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Titler Pro live for wirecast:

Titler Pro live for wirecast:

I am a proud owner of this product :)

From your release:

Production-proven video special effects company NewBlue, Inc. announced today the debut of NewBlue Titler Pro Live for Wirecast. Based on NewBlue Titler Pro 3-- the market leader in fast, beautiful, animated 2D/3D titles-- Titler Pro Live delivers real-time animated titles and lower thirds to the Telestream Wirecast platform. Titler Pro Live for Wirecast is the first titling tool to allow real-time text and animation changes directly in any internet-based streaming broadcast platform. 

One of the key selling points was that this was based on titler pro 3 ... and indeed the standalone in the tutorials for the wirecast adaptation asserts this.

My question/concern is that the difference between titler pro 3 and  Ultimate from Title Pro 3 being $200 which gives you roughly $300 in additional templates ... and the credits providing an upgrade to TP 3 Ulimate of $358 seems out of line.  It would just seem there would be a smoother path ...with greater incentives to expand the

PS: As a wirecast user, it would be silly for me to not adopt the TP3 for wirecast and expand backward to NLE applications.