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Titler Pro for Wirecast

Titler Pro for Wirecast

Hello Y'all,

I'm a newb here so I apologize if my question seems very stupid. I'm working on a project where I have multiple PNG files appearing in a sequence and that's all working out amazingly. What I'm struggling with is I need to edit the contents of the PNG (update results) and when I overwrite the PNG it appears Wirecast caches or stores the image and it completely ignores the original file as a resource. Is there a way to cheat this to make sure Wirecast always loads the actual file?

And secondly, if I edit the .nbtitle file can I point the location of the images to an HTTP address or they need to be a local machine. Ideally once I resolve the problem above I can have a workflow where I can make edits to the image and store them on the Dubyah somewhere and Wirecast would load whatever image is stored in that directory.

Many thanks for the help!