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Vegas Pro 14 and packaged Titler Express PRO

Vegas Pro 14 and packaged Titler Express PRO

As you're probable acutely aware, Titler Express Pro, which is bundled with VP14, is not working since the transfer of ownership to Magix.

Titler Express PRO shows up as Version 3, which is now 2 versions behind the current Titler Version 5, and I believe a legacy product which is no longer supported (you call it that in your upgrade offer). Now, why would NewBlueFX want to offer a broken product to their potential customers with no support? Wouldn't it be much better to offer a current/supported version, with restricted functionality (EXPRESS), so that potential customers can experience the product and then upgrade as needed?

Releasing an old broken 'PRO' product into the wild is like buying off food at the markets and trying to cook it up without making everybody sick, it simply doesn't work.

I hope you can resolve this issue with the big bunch of frustrated Vegas Pro customers. Thanks for listening