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Wirecast Version 7 and Titler Live

Wirecast Version 7 and Titler Live

Telestream just released Wirecast version 7 on/about June 29, 2016 (and has already released update 7.0.1).  Version 7 includes a copy of Titler Express, a $99 value.  I have several questions since I already have a license for Titler Pro Live 2, renamed Titler Live by NewBlueFX.  It's hard to keep up with the versioning and renaming.

1.  Am I correct that Titler Live (whether it's Express, Standard, Advance, or Pro), is still the only version that works with Wirecast 7 as it was with Wirecast 6?  In other words, isTitler Pro 4 still not compatible with Wirecast version 7?

2. What is the best procedure for installing Wirecast version 7 to replace version 6 when I already have Titler Live (standard), which has more features than Titler Live Express?  Is it to uninstall Wirecast 6, unistall Titler Live, install Wirecast 7, and reinstall Titler Live?

3.  I also have the OnAir Collection and the Classics Collection.  Should I also install these and reinstall them too?

4.  Will my Wirecast program files retain the title slides I have created already using the Titler Live add-in?   I really don't want to have to rebuild my titles and playlists again.