Titler Live 3 Broadcast

Create productions that compete at broadcaster level with our animated graphics solution. Experience a professional-level live-editing suite at your fingertips.

TotalFX 5

NewBlue TotalFX delivers over 1400 presets in 129 plugins in one comprehensive collection of effects. Includes the Ultimate editions of Elements, Essentials, Filters, Stylizers, Transitions, and Titler Pro.

Titler Live 3 Complete

Titler Live Complete combines the power of Titler Live Produce, Sport, and Social for a comprehensive toolset. Double your impact with a second channel to build sophisticated story-telling with live overlapping graphics whether local or remote from a second machine.


Amplify delivers a comprehensive collection of 50+ best-selling titling, transitions, and effects. Includes Titler Pro 5, Transitions 3 Ultimate, and select plugins from Elements, Essentials, Filters, and Stylizers.

Titler Pro 5 Ultimate

Titler Pro 5 Ultimate delivers stunning 2D titles and 3D motion graphics in seconds. The fastest and easiest titling solution for your workflow. Includes 9 style and template packs as well as After Effects Support.

Titler Live 3 Express

You don’t need to be a graphic design expert to create professional broadcast graphics. Titler Live Express delivers the fastest, easiest path to quality animated production graphics for your live stream. Simply choose a design, customize the text, and then adjust the scale and position. Even add in your own logo or image.

Titler Live 3 Social

Leverage Titler Live Social’s input controls to quickly filter messages with keywords, hashtags, attitude and more. Conveniently control everything through a web-based interface from any device on your network.

Titler Live 3 Sport

Find the perfect scoreboard design with a full suite of stunning animated scoreboard templates covering every major sport including Football, Baseball, soccer and more. Then, display scoreboard data from the field through integration with SportzCast, Stat Crew, Datalink or the included Scoreboard Controllers.

Titler Live 3 Present

Gone are your days of making a single graphic for each piece of information you need to communicate. Titler Live Present connects you to the power of organized information just how you like it through common spreadsheets, text files and RSS feeds. From graduations to city council meetings to worship services, Titler Live Present gives you the power to achieve high-quality productions without the fuss.

Titler Pro 5 Elite

Titler Pro 5 Elite delivers stunning 2D titles and 3D motion graphics in seconds. The fastest and easiest titling solution for your workflow. Includes 40 title styles and 12 lower third designs.

Titler Pro 5

NewBlue Titler Pro 5 delivers stunning 2D titles and 3D motion graphics in seconds. The fastest and easiest titling solution for your workflow.

Transitions 3 Ultimate

Transitions 3 Ultimate brings a comprehensive set of 37 premium wipes & transitions. Includes Transitions 3 Inspire, Flow, Glow, and Dimensions.

Elements 3 Ultimate

Elements 3 Ultimate presents a complete set of 21 tools to accelerate compositing tasks. Includes Chroma Key Pro and Elements 3 Alpha Blend, Energize, and Overlay.

Stylizers 5 Ultimate

Transform your footage with energetic motion, vibrant light and stunning art.

Filters 5 Ultimate

NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate includes the complete set of 27 innovative video filters and over 250 presets for the perfect look. Includes Colorfast 2 and Filters 5 Recreate, Recolor, and Refocus.

Essentials 5 Ultimate

From Skin Touch Up to Stabilizer, the new Essentials 5 makes it easier than ever to quickly correct and enhance your footage with a wide range of 29 must-have tools. Regardless of your production, Essentials 5 Ultimate offers an array of time-saving tools that quickly perfect your footage.

Essentials 5 Volume 3

Remove blemishes and wrinkles from your subject, easily correct white balance, or selectively sharpen details in your video. Enhance your image quality and create a polished look with ease.

Elements 3 Energize

NewBlue Elements 3 Energize delivers 6 compositing tools that add energy or re-construct an image in creative ways including image tiling, auto-pan, cut aways, and more.

Transitions 3 Inspire

NewBlue Transitions 3 Inspire delivers a range of 9 visually charged create colorful and artistic scene-to-scene cuts.

Stylizers 5 Illuminate

Create beautiful atmospheric effects and intensify your lighting to add suspense and excitement to your footage.

ColorFast 2

NewBlue ColorFast delivers primary and secondary color correction in a single, simplified workflow. Includes over 60 presets.

Filters 5 Recreate

NewBlue Filters 5 Recreate delivers 7 video filters that quickly enhance footage color, create vignettes, and diffuse light.

Essentials 5 Volume 2

Eliminate distracting camera flash, fix lens distortion, or instantly make your colors pop. Pixelate certain objects within your video or softly blur the surroundings to get the look you want.

Elements 3 Alpha Blend

NewBlue Elements 3 Alpha Blend delivers 8 versatile compositing tools that quickly dramatize footage, add outlines to objects and create drop shadows.

Transitions 3 Dimensions

NewBlue Transitions 3 Dimensions delivers 8 transitions that leverage 3D movements to cut from one scene to the next

Stylizers 5 Imagine

Transform your footage into a moving piece of art by replicating a water color painting or emulating a pastel sketch.

Filters 5 Refocus

NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus delivers 7 filtering tools that focus the audience’s attention, create surreal scenes, and more.

Elements 3 Overlay

NewBlue Elements 3 Overlay delivers 6 geometric overlays that deliver fast, sophisticated compositing overlays, including PIPs, split screen and image grids.

Essentials 5 Volume 1

Increase the amount of detail and sharpness in your footage or boost your video’s colors with ease. Easily inspect your footage and remove subtle imperfections to create the perfect look.

Chroma Key Pro

NewBlue Chroma Key Pro makes keying out green and blue screen footage easy. It delivers advanced color chroma keying with a variety of presets, tools, and controls to change the range, sensitivity, spill, and more.


NewBlue Stabilizer brings fast and powerful image stabilization to your handheld footage.

Transitions 3 Flow

NewBlue Transitions 3 Flow delivers a range of 10 fluid transitions that use energy and motion to move one scene into the next.

Cartoonr Plus

Instantly give your footage a comic-book look with sharp edges and surreal color palettes.

Transitions 3 Glow

NewBlue Transitions 3 Glow delivers 10 dazzling transitions that move one scene to the next with rings, waves and rays of light.

Stylizers 5 Excite

Inject energy and motion to your story with powerful blurs and distortion effects.

Filters 5 Recolor

NewBlue Filters 5 Recolor delivers 7 versatile video filters that quickly replace color, apply gradient tints, and correct saturation.

Fluid Template Pack

Fluid delivers 8 energetic and imaginative motion graphic animations right in Titler Pro. Over 130 presets & 16 templates.

OnAir Template Pack

OnAir delivers polished lower thirds for news, corporate, and documentary productions with 12 broadcast-ready designs.

Social Media Template Pack

Social Media delivers over 40 social media inspired templates in 8 versatile designs.

GraphPax Template Pack

GraphPax delivers eye-catching lower thirds for high-tech, and entertainment productions with 12 stylish designs.

PowerMotion Template Pack

PowerMotion delivers 12 templates in 48 variations that deliver bold, multi-faceted and 3D looks for your presentations and sport-related productions.

RetroCraft Template Pack

RetroCraft delivers 12 sharp and imaginative designs with 24 customizable lower thirds and main title graphics.

Reflections Template Pack

Reflections delivers 40 futuristic, shimmering, and polished title designs to give your titles a high-end look.

Cinema Collection

The NewBlue Cinema Collection for Titler Pro offers 17 versatile 3D, animated main titles that instantly deliver stunning results.

HighLine Template Pack

HighLine delivers 12 template designs that bring a clean, refined and sophisticated look to your interviews and understated productions.

Classics Template Pack

Classics delivers 40 vibrant neons, vegas golds, and bold gradients to make your headlines jump off the screen.

Kinetic Template Pack

Kinetic delivers 8 practical and proven motion graphic animations, simplifying the complex motion graphics seen in today's market.

PrimeTime Template Pack

PrimeTime delivers cutting-edge lower thirds for high-end productions with 12 network-ready lower thirds designs.