Elements Collection

Simplify Your Multi-Step Compositing Tasks

  • Combine visual elements from separate shots into a single frame.

  • Transform your scene entirely to bring new dimensions to the story.

  • Create illusions to illustrate complicated shots.

Products In The Elements Collection

Elements Ultimate

Elements 3 Ultimate present 21 tools to accelerate compositing tasks. Includes Chroma Key Pro and Elements 3 Alpha Blend, Energize, and Overlay.

Elements Overlay

Elements Overlay delivers 6 geometric overlays that deliver fast, sophisticated compositing overlays, including PIPs, split screen and image grids.

Elements Energize

Elements Energize delivers 6 compositing tools that re-construct an image in creative ways including image tiling, auto-pan, cut aways, and more.

Elements Alpha Blend

Elements Alpha Blend delivers 8 versatile compositing tools that quickly dramatize footage, add outlines to objects and create drop shadows.

Chroma Key Pro

Chroma Key Pro makes keying out green and blue screen footage easy. Plus, it has built-in tools for outlines and drop shadows to simulate depth.