Filters Collection

Enhance Your Footage with a Range of Color Correcting Tools & Image Filters

  • Add dimension to your narrative with specific color palettes, contrast, and highlights.

  • Change the mood or atmosphere of your footage to create a distinct aesthetic.

  • Resolve color issues with controlled image processing. 

Products In The Filters Collection

Filters Ultimate

Filters 5 Ultimate includes the complete set of 22 innovative video filters and over 250 presets. Includes Colorfast 2 and Filters 3 Recreate, Recolor, and Refocus.

Filters Refocus

Filters Refocus delivers 7 filtering tools that focus the audience’s attention, create surreal scenes, and more.

Filters Recreate

Filters Recreate delivers 7 video filters that quickly enhance footage color, create vignettes, and diffuse light.

Filters Recolor

Filters Recolor delivers 7 versatile video filters that quickly replace color, apply gradient tints, and correct saturation.

ColorFast 2

ColorFast 2 delivers primary and secondary color correction in a single workflow. Includes over 60 presets.