Titler Live 3 Broadcast

Delivering the next generation of on-air graphics.

Meet our Most Powerful Graphics Solution

Create Stunning 4K Graphics

Impress your audience with animated 3D graphics that instantly enhance your live productions.


Connect to Your Data

Leverage data from spreadsheets, scoreboards, social media, and more to create sophisticated graphics.


Experience Up to 16 Channels of Graphics

Deliver unlimited graphic layers on up to 16 channels. Maximize your control with flexible multi-layer play commands.


Get Started in Minutes

Quickly deliver compelling broadcasts without any in-depth training through an intuitive and customizable user interface.


Everything You Can Do With Broadcast

  • workflow
  • TriCaster macro control
  • Live update buttons
  • Keyboard title search
  • Playlist sequencing and loop
  • Remote operation from a second machine
  • Network tally support
  • Internal or external render/play control
  • Flexible playout commands
  • Live monitor window
  • Resize and scale at playout
  • Moveable interface panels
  • design
  • After Effects import
  • Native 4K resolution
  • 3D animated graphics
  • Title Designer interface
  • Text, image, and color replacement
  • Audio
  • Independent layer updates
  • Custom variables
  • Variable translation
  • PSD import
  • ESP import
  • content
  • All TotalFX effects and transitions
  • Reflections Collection
  • Classics Collection
  • RetroCraft Collection
  • Fluid Collection
  • Kinetic Collection
  • OnAir Lower 3rds Collection
  • PrimeTime Lower 3rds Collection
  • GraphPax Lower 3rds Collection
  • Cinema Collection
  • 51 Scoreboard templates
  • 35 Sports break, lower 3rd, and logo bug templates
  • 50 Social Media templates
  • PowerMotion Collection
  • Highline Collection
  • Fluid Motion Pack animations
  • Kinetic Motion Pack animations
  • 48 effects and transitions
  • 42 lower 3rd templates
  • 32 main title templates
  • 16 motion bug templates
  • inputs
  • NewTek DataLink
  • SportzCast
  • StatCrew scorebugs
  • Scoreboard controllers
  • Twitch
  • Streamlabs
  • e-sports
  • Facebook Live
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • CSV reader
  • RSS reader
  • Text file reader
  • Input configurator
  • HTML clocks
  • outputs
  • 16 graphic channels
  • Unlimited simultaneous live graphics per channel
  • Unlimited graphics per channel/playlist
  • SDI
  • NDI
  • NewTek Airsend
  • HDMI
  • OBS
  • Wirecast
  • Watch Folder
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Titler Live 3 Broadcast

Experience the New Standard of On-Air Graphics

Create professional 3D animated graphics on up to 16 channels without any formal training.

Compatibility & Requirements

Any switcher with NDI inputs
Roland HD Mixers
NewTek TriCaster™
Telestream Wirecast
Black Magic ATEM
Any keying switcher with HDMI inputs

Mac OS X v 10.10 or later or Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later

or later versions

2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or greater recommended for HD)
250 MB hard-disk space for installation

OpenGL 2.1-capable graphics card and minimum 1GB VRAM
2GB VRAM or higher recommended for HD