Titler Live 3 Present

­Sophisticated on-air graphics for broadcasters of all levels.

Sophisticated On-Air Graphics, Simplified

Create Professional Graphics

Quickly create or customize animated 3D graphics, effects, animations, bugs, and more for your corporate event, lecture, concert or other live events.
Titler Live 3 Present

Present Data-Driven Broadcasts

Generate intelligent, automated graphics from spreadsheets, RSS feeds, and Facebook Live.

Access 250+ Templates

Save time and resources with our full suite of 250+ pre-designed templates. Get creative and choose the right designs for a broad range of live events.
Access 250+ Templates

Everything You Can Do with Present

Create Sophisticated On-Air Graphics

Animated, 3D Graphics Icon

Quick Custom Graphics

Easily create and deliver your own broadcast-quality 3D graphics with custom lighting, effects, animations, and more.

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250+ Templates

Get a quick start with over 250 customizable main title, lower third, and bug templates to fit broadcasts of all levels.

Organize Your Information


Data-Driven Production

Drive your production from a single CSV file with automated graphic creation.

Web Connected Graphics

Web Connected Graphics

Generate automated graphics from web-connected data sources including TXT files, RSS feeds, and Facebook Live.

Titler Live 3 Present

Sophisticated On-Air Graphics, Simplified

Get the graphics you need for a professional live broadcast.

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Save 30% on best-selling plugins and on-air graphics products! Save Now!!