Stylizers Collection

Transform Your Footage with Brilliant Effects of Color, Light and Motion

  • Create unique looks that can change the tone of your film.

  • Instantly transform your footage from standard to cartoon or watercolor to reflect different parts of the story. 

  • Use styled effects like RGB Shift to take a standard shot and give it the look of a different genre.

Products In The Stylizers Collection

Stylizers Ultimate

Stylizers 3 Ultimate delivers 23 stylistic video effects and over 250 presets. Includes Cartoonr Plus 3 and Stylizers 3 Excite, Imagine, and Illuminate.

Stylizers Imagine

Stylizers Imagine delivers 8 eye-popping stylizing tools that quickly create living murals, animated watercolor paintings and rich oil paintings.

Stylizers Illuminate

Stylizers Illuminate delivers 6 eye-popping tools to generate atmospheric effects, separate RGB color channels and create neon light outlines.

Stylizers Excite

Stylizers Excite delivers 8 stylizing tools that recreate paper collages, rich tiled backgrounds and add zoom blurs.

Cartoonr Plus

Cartoonr Plus transforms live action video into a cartoon. Simply select a cartoon style preset, adjust lines, and frame controls.