All of the Features You'll Need

Explore some of the over 70 features in Titler Pro 5

200+ Titler Styles & Templates

Get a quick start on your title design with a variety of lower thirds, main titles and bug templates.

NEW Integrated Multi-Title Management

Manage all of your titles from a single interface. Make changes to the overall design or automatically update many titles with a single change through shared designs.

NEW Built-in Motion Graphic Animations

Easily create complex motion graphics with animation presets.

TItle Duration Management

Enjoy the freedom of taking a single, animated design and applying it to various title durations.

3D Text and Graphics

Quickly create 3D text with simple text extrusion.

PSD & EPS Import

Import, manipulate and animate PSD or EPS files with their layers.

Custom Lighting

Manipulate three different kinds of lighting in space.


Keyframe your objects and effects for a customized look.

New Still Mode

Speed up your workflow through bypassing animation and renders for those simple title needs.

Revamped Control Layout

Access your library, title list, attributes panel all from within the reconfigured title designer.

New Flexible Workspaces

Maximize your efficiency with tear-away panels and adjustable workspaces.

OpenFX Support

Integrate effects and transitions from OpenFX plugins like GenArts Sapphire, HitFilm and more.

New Reinvented Workspace Controls

Achieve greater ease over your text editing, scaling, positioning, layout, and more.

Improved Timeline Object Control

Achieve more precise editing and keyframing within your design timeline.

New Range and Lasso Selection Controls

Grab, move and adjust titles or select multiple titles with ease through intuitive positioning and lasso controls.

New Smart Library

See only what you need in the library depending on your selection

New Bevel Presets Options

Choose between popular bevels or design your own.

Improved Text Edit Mode

Easier than ever to grab and position objects, then double-click to edit text easily.

New Right Click Options

Rename, edit text, duplicate, align, arrange and more with a single click of your mouse.

New Menu Structure

Easily find what you need through a newly reorganized menu layout.

New Save to Library button

Save your custom projects directly into the library for later use.

New Remember Last Save/Open

Quickly return to your last project or last saved position.

New Move Objects with Arrows

Easily position one or many objects with simple arrow key moves.

New Kerning Control with Arrow Keys

Quickly control kerning for letters with convenient Alt+arrow shortcuts.

New Avid Title Tool Promote

Promote previous Avid titles to Titler Pro now with included lines and shapes.

New Save Options

Save your project with assets or as a complete .zip file for easy transfer and file management.

Resolution Independent

Edit in HD, 4K or even 8K.

Find the Titling Solution That's Right for You

Titler Pro 5

Titler Pro 5

The fastest and easiest titling solution for your workflow.

Titler Pro 5

Titler Pro 5 Elite

Titler Pro 5

All of the features of Titler Pro 5

Titler Pro 5
Classics Collection ($59)

A collection of 40 title styles of bold and beautiful designs

Classics Collection ($59)
GraphPax Collection ($59)

A collection of 12 edgy lower third designs

GraphPax Collection ($59)
Best value

Titler Pro 5 Ultimate

Everything in Titler Pro 5 Elite

Includes Titler Pro 5, the Classics Collection and GraphPax Collection.

Everything in Titler Pro 5 Elite
Fluid Motion Pack ($59)

The Fluid Motion Pack delivers 16 energetic and imaginative motion graphic templates

Fluid Motion Pack ($59)
OnAir Collection ($59)

The OnAir Collection includes 12 broadcast-ready lower third templates

OnAir Collection ($59)
PowerMotion Collection ($59)

The PowerMotion Collection includes 48 bold and multi-faceted templates.

PowerMotion Collection ($59)
PrimeTime Collection ($59)

The PrimeTime Collection delivers 12 cutting-edge network-ready lower thirds designs

PrimeTime Collection ($59)
Social Media Collection ($59)

The Social Media Collection delivers 40 animated social media inspired templates.

Social Media Collection ($59)
Sports Graphics Collection ($59)

The Sports Graphics Collection delivers 20 professional sports-inspired templates

Sports Graphics Collection ($59)
Reflections Collection ($59)

The Reflections Collection delivers 40 futuristic, shimmering, and polished title designs to give your titles a high-end look.

Reflections Collection ($59)
After Effects Support ($99)

Get full After Effects environment immersion through intelligent obscuration with AE layers, camera depth-of-field, and multiple light source integration.

After Effects Support ($99)

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