Richly Animated Scoreboards, Titles & Graphics

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Richly Animated Scoreboards, Titles & Graphics

NewBlue Titler Live Advance delivers rich, broadcast-quality titles and graphics you need for your live production. Get started quickly with over 60 built-in main titles, lower thirds and bugs or explore the wealth of powerful design features to create specific titles or graphics you need. 

Discover Sophisticated, Animated Title Designs

NewBlue Titler Live Advance delivers unprecedented control and versatility to your live sports production. Build custom scoreboards, titles and graphics with the Title Designer. Then easily control the score, game clocks, and more with the breakthrough Scoreboard

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Titler Live Advance Features

Titler Live Advance includes a range of features that help you achieve your vision while increasing your productivity. See the full list below.
  • 100% GPU accelerated

    Titler Pro Live leverages the power of your graphics card to provide the fastest performance possible. Native CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL engines allow Titler Pro 3 Ultimate to maximize the performance of your graphics card, regardless of which NLE you use.

  • 2D and 3D vector text layers

    2D and 3D text layers combine the benefits of raster effects and 3D animations into one stunning result.

  • Drag-n-drop animations

    Drag-n-drop animations allow you to apply rich animations without manual keyframing.

  • Built-in animated titles and graphics

  • Text, image and color replacement

  • Unique Animations In/Out

    Bring templates in and out of the screen with sophisticated animations.

  • Live control from within Wirecast

  • Convenient title playlist

  • Save to Wirecast

    Save your titles directly to Wirecast project files

  • Send titles to multiple Wirecast sources

  • Title Designer interface included

  • Custom keyframing

  • Lighting control

  • PSD & EPS File Import

    Import EPS and PSD layers for easy animation of logos or icons

  • Live Update Functionality

    Edit templates in real-time to update live graphics

  • Custom variable creation

  • Intuitive Timeline Editing

    Edit titles in a familiar editing timeline

  • Scoreboard Module

  • Two live game clocks

  • HDMI Output

  • Fluid Motion Pack

    8 energetic and imaginative motion graphic animations with 16 templates and over 100 presets

  • Kinetic Motion Pack

    8 practical and proven motion graphic animations with 16 templates and over 100 presets

  • Sports Template Collection

    A collection of sports themed main titles, lower thirds and bugs to fit your needs.

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System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements

  • 2GB RAM minimum (Mac: 4GB recommended for 1080p streaming, Windows: 4GB and 64-bit OS recommended for 720p or higher streaming)
  • 200 MB hard-disk space for installation

Hosting Compatibility

  • Roland HD Mixers
  • Telestream Wirecast
  • Black Magic ATEM
  • Any keying switcher with HDMI inputs

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