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Easily Add Stunning, 3D Animated Graphics to Your Production
with Titler Pro 6

Titler Pro 6

Titler Pro 6 delivers stunning 2D titles and 3D motion graphics in seconds. The fastest and easiest titling solution for your workflow. Features multi-title management system, 3D texts and graphics, keyframing and much more.

Titling Template Packs

Say good-bye to round tripping with After Effects or working with single-use templates. Simply open Titler Pro, drop in a template, and you’re ready to go.

Content Complete SALE

The complete content bundle for Titler Pro. Featuring 80 styles and over 230 main titles and lower thirds templates.

Was $399; you save 25% or $100
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GraphPax Template Pack SALE

GraphPax delivers eye-catching lower thirds for high-tech, and entertainment productions with 12 stylish designs.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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Cinema Collection SALE

The NewBlue Cinema Collection for Titler Pro offers 17 versatile 3D, animated main titles that instantly deliver stunning results.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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Kinetic Template Pack SALE

Kinetic delivers 8 practical and proven motion graphic animations, simplifying the complex motion graphics seen in today's market.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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Larry Jordan

If creating titles is new to you, or if you don’t have any After Effects or Motion experience, I strongly recommend getting one of the template packages that NewBlue has designed using Titler Pro. It is far easier modifying a template than creating something sophisticated from scratch. The fact that there are as many collections and templates as there are is a tribute to how flexible the software is."

Larry Jordan, producer, director, editor, consultant and trainer

Reflections Template Pack SALE

Reflections delivers 40 futuristic, shimmering, and polished title designs to give your titles a high-end look.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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PowerMotion Template Pack SALE

PowerMotion delivers 12 templates in 48 variations that deliver bold, multi-faceted and 3D looks for your presentations and sport-related productions.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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Social Media Template Pack SALE

Social Media delivers over 40 social media inspired templates in 8 versatile designs.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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Fluid Template Pack SALE

Fluid delivers 8 energetic and imaginative motion graphic animations right in Titler Pro. Over 130 presets & 16 templates.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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Classics Template Pack SALE

Classics delivers 40 vibrant neons, vegas golds, and bold gradients to make your headlines jump off the screen.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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HighLine Template Pack SALE

HighLine delivers 12 template designs that bring a clean, refined and sophisticated look to your interviews and understated productions.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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RetroCraft Template Pack SALE

RetroCraft delivers 12 sharp and imaginative designs with 24 customizable lower thirds and main title graphics.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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PrimeTime Template Pack SALE

PrimeTime delivers cutting-edge lower thirds for high-end productions with 12 network-ready lower thirds designs.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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OnAir Template Pack SALE

OnAir delivers polished lower thirds for news, corporate, and documentary productions with 12 broadcast-ready designs.

Was $59; you save 25% or $15
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